Fabulous In Every Way.

“Dr Fan, Not ever having applied lash extensions, I had no idea how damaged my own lashes would become after just a few weeks of wear. After the extensions came off my own lashes were sparse and brittle. I was amazed at how quickly after using the Luksus conditioner and mascara, my own lashes were restored and looking wonderful. Thank you, Dr. Fan I love both of these products! Debra F. Miami , FL September 2014

“Dear Dr. Fan, I wanted to share my testimonial regarding your amazing skin care products. Since mid-October of 2013, I have been using the sugar-based Cleanser, SCS™ BioGel, Phospholipid GF™ Moisturizer, and the dual eye treatment consisting of the Eye Gene (DNA) Repair Serum, and the Eye Collagen Regenerating Cream. As a 54 year-old, post-menopausal female who is not on hormone replacement, I was desperate to find a product line that would not be harsh to my already dry & sensitive skin. Before I started using your professional treatment line, I was experiencing extreme dryness, mild acne, along with very little elasticity. To make matters worse, I have extremely dark under eye circles, which are very difficult to camouflage. What I love most about all of your products is the fact that there are no petroleum products or harsh irritants in any of them. The product scent is really nice, with a mild subtleness of fresh citrus. I love the creamy, silky textures of the products, very light for bedtime application, and under makeup for daywear. The packaging is also very impressive; there is absolutely no waste with the vacuum-type cylinder pump, which allows you to get to that very last drop! I can definitely see a difference in the appearance and texture of my skin & haven’t had a break out since using your products. The appearance of the skin on my upper eyelids, and the fine lines underneath my eyes has also improved. I no longer need to cake on concealer to feel comfortable about my dark circles. Although, I still use concealer, it is very minimal. Your products have already surpassed anything I’ve ever used over the many years I’ve spent trying to care for my skin. I can’t begin to thank you enough for sharing your wonderful product line, and helping me in my quest to shed a few years from my face. I actually look forward to my morning and evening skin care routines, and for the first time in a very long time, don’t mind looking at the person I see in the mirror.” – Kind regards, Kim D. LA

“Luksus Eyebrow Enhancer: I love this eye enhancer!! I noticed a difference right away after only a few days of using. It’s an instant sale for all my clients who see my thicker , fuller luscious eyebrows.” – Winny K Licensed Esthetician Houston, TX September 2014

“As a nurse who has worked in skin care, I believe in the sound science behind Luksus. Having seen skin damaged with aggressive treatment, I appreciate products that enhance our skins own ability to repair and rejuvenate. I have found the products to be effective for my aging skin of nearly 60, yet very comforting to use in both their purity and in how nourishing they feel on my skin.” – Rosalind, TX

“Have you ever owned a product that you loved so much there is simply no way that you could imagine it not being in your beauty routine? Well, I thought I had that product and then a new improved version of it came out! Oh my gosh…my skin looks incredible. Dr. Lili Fan’s Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub and Microderma Activator have just taken things to the next level. I mean I am a sun junkie who spends a lot of time at the beach and definitely needs to do damage control in the winter. The combination of these two products followed by her Ultra Performance Hydrating Cream make my skin look radiant, youthful and def not my age. I totally credit Dr. Fan with the way my skin appears. Here’s how it works…You apply the Microdermabrasion Scrub and work around your face and decollete (bi-monthly i actually do my whole body!). Work gently in a circular motion and really pay attention to your nose and any pores you may want to reduce the appearance of. You will notice your face gets red as the blood rushes to the surface to start to repair broken down skin cells…then apply the Microderma Activator and work it into the granules until they almost appear smooth….rinse and apply the Ultra Performance Hydrating Cream (if you do a whole regime there are serums, tonics, etc.) depends on my energy level, but I promise you these three products will not disappoint! In fact I promise you that your friends and family will start to notice a difference in your skin. You too will notice a quality in your skin as you shed old dry skin and build new beautiful texture to your skin. It is imperative as you get older to incorporate some good products with peptides and collagen rebuilding to your skin if you truly want to notice a difference. Cheap over the counter cosmetics simply lack the sophistication of products produced by doctors and used by doctors. I am so sold on these products and basically just want to share how awesome they are with my friends. Use Luksus’ products if you want to maintain a youthful appearance to your skin. Your skin will never feel and look so good. I promise!” – Lisa Conrad

“Hi Dr. Fan, I used my skin care regimen for the first time tonight after I taught yoga. Oh, my goodness – my skin is actually glowing and it absorbed so beautifully into my skin. It is so wonderful. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful skin care. Thank you for answering my question and know that I love the way my skin feels and the products have just a hint of the most wonderful fragrance. I’m so excited. Have a good evening.” – Aggie BR, Louisiana

“I have been using Luksus Lash Conditioner for four months. I have tried others that irritated my eyes and caused an itching sensation. I am extremely pleased with Luksus as it does not irritate the eye. I went from thin, short lashes to long, beautiful  lashes. I highly recommend this product to my friends and to anyone who is reticent about trying a product like this; it truly works!” – Sylvia W, Boise, Idaho

“I just finished using my retail of the GF moisturizer and am so impressed with the fact that every little bit of the product was able to be dispensed. No waste…in fact, I brought it to my office to show my clients how every bit of the product is vacuumed from bottle. Thank you for providing the airless pumps on these wonderful products. Have a great day.” – Mary Hopkins, MN


“After searching for gentle, yet effective, skin care – I finally discovered Luksus. My skin feels clean, refreshed, and soothed. Fine lines and wrinkles are disappearing as I continue to use it. I have very sensitive skin, but no negative reaction to Luksus. Love the way my skin looks, feels, and finally feel I am using a product that is “good” for my skin. Thank you, Dr. Fan.” – Agnes, LA


“Luksus products are amazing!!  The Biogel and phospholipid moisturizer work so well together and I trust that these products are safe for my sensitive asian skin.   I’ve seen dramatic results using Dr Lily Fan’s products and have confidence that I will be able to preserve a youthful appearance as I’m about to turn 40 next year!  The sunscreen is so light weight and sheer, you don’t even feel like you have it on and the Lash Conditioner not only works to increase lash length but thickness as well!  Plus, these products are all safe to use.  I can’t believe how dramatic the results have been since I have been using the Luksus product line!!” – Sherry ,    TX